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  • Acknowledgment to Country

    In Australia there are over 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations, each with their own language, cultural law systems and way of life. 
    Before colonisation in Australia there were cultural protocols to Welcome someone onto your Country and this was an integral part of first nations society. 
    Today the traditional welcome to country has been adapted to show respect to all first nations people and the land. 
  • Zero Waste Christmas

    Did you know that over 6 million Christmas trees are used every year and that on average one household will use 4 rolls of wrapping paper, 1.5 roles of sticky tape and throw out 3 full bags of wrapper rubbish.
    In Australia alone we spend around $11 Billion per annum just for Christmas. 
    Join us as we explore what a zero waste christmas is, how you can achieve it and how to have fun along the way.