• Acknowledgment to Country

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have long experienced exclusion from the Australian society. By conducting an acknowledgement you are showing your respect and acknowledging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the sovereign owners of this land. 
  • A Zero Waste Christmas Blog

    • 6 million Christmas trees used every year
    • 250 tonnes of Christmas tree is thrown away into land fill (When they could be reused)
    • 2 million turkeys are consumed
    • On average one household will use 4 rolls of wrapping paper, 1.5 roles of sticky tape and throw out 3 full bags of wrapper rubbish
    • In Australia we spend around $11 Billion per annum just for Christmas
    • Australians use more than 150,000Km of wrapping paper, this amount could wrap around the earths equator 4 times
    • 5 million tonnes of food ends up as landfill each year. This could fill 9,000 Olympic swimming pools
    • 90% of Australians usually discard over 25% of food during the festive season
  • Under the Microscope: Lavender Essential Oil

    Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil;

    1. Calming anxiety and nerves
    2. Reducing effects of Insomnia
    3. Reduce stress
    4. combat fungal infections 
    5. healing wounds
    6. promote hair growth 
    7. emotional support for pre and post menstrual cycles 
  • Under the Microscope: Peppermint Essential Oil

    The benefits of Peppermint oil have been used for thousands of years and can be traced back to eighteenth century England, with some records dating back to Ancient Egypt where the Oil was used for digestive assistance. 

    The Benefits and qualities of Peppermint Oil, make it one of my absolute necessities and favourites.  

  • What is your Personality Type?

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  • Essential Oils for the office

    If you work in an office space, the feeling of seasons changing can be daunting with circulated air conditioning and the distant cough of a colleag...